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Some Of Our Products

Our products were all results of custom solutions originally developed to solve a particular client’s unique problem, need or lack of capability.  Explore a few of our most popular products developed for Wholesale Distributors.

e-Invoicing | E-Mail Invoicing Module For Acclaim Systems

This innovative e-Invoicing module provides an automated way to produce and e-mail digital invoices, in printable PDF format, to your clients utilizing your current Acclaim system.

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Sales Team Portal | Sales Team Territory Management Suite

This program allows individual sales team members to have access to up-to-date information about their sales territories. This includes month-to-date overall territory sales, month-by-month sales trends by customer, order history, customer contact information, accounts receivable status, and more. Sales representatives are restricted to only see information about their own territories, and additionally there is a sales manager login that allows a sales manager or an owner to view aggregate information about their sales team or individual members’ territory information.

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InnerLINK | Seamless Prophet 21 & Website Integration

Optimum Systems provides an interface that will connect your website to your P21 system in real-time. This means that any changes made using your back-end system, such as a product price or customer address change, will be immediately reflected on your website.

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SupplySourceLink | Order-Guide Based Procurement Suite

Customers with multiple job sites can save time by placing orders quickly and simply. These orders import directly into your back-end system allowing for centralized order approval and reporting for all your job sites in real-time.

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