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Order-Guide Based Procurement Suite
Centralized Control of
Your Decentralized Supply Chain
Work Smarter, Not Harder.

SupplySourceLink allows you complete control when ordering, enabling you to purchase the necessary materials and supplies for the specific job site of your choosing from anywhere - anytime.  Effeciently order the necessary items for your geographically dispersed job sites, from multiple vendors or suppliers, from one centralized location, saving you both time and sanity.

Placing Orders

SupplySourceLink allows users the ability to view images of products for improved accuracy, re-order from past invoices or save orders to submit later.  Save time using the Quick Order Pad, locating items by distributor or manufacturer’s item code, and even establish required dates for orders, as well as shipping instructions by specific job site.

Order Approval

SupplySourceLink allows orders to go through budget and approval steps on the customer’s end before coming into your system.  Whether no orders require approval, centralized or regional approvals are required, or only orders over budget require approval, many order workflows are supported.  Approvals can even be done from within email notifications.


SupplySourceLink’s advanced administrative section provides an area where you can edit, create and manage budgets, job sites, users, and more.

Robust Reporting of Real-Time Information
Just The Facts Ma'am

With over 22 reports available, SupplySourceLink’s Full Reporting Module helps you keep track of your purchasing like never before.  Using direct input from the client, Optimum Systems can assemble the data you want, to report in real-time, into a format that can be exported into your business's already established systems, allowing for seamless integration.

Some of Our Most Popular Reports Are:
Purchases By Customer
Purchases By Vendor
Purchases By Category
Purchases By Job Site By Category
Budgets By Job Site (Monthly & Yearly)
Job Site List By Customer
Job Site Access List By User
Purchases By Vendor By Item
Count of Orders by Vendor by Site
Order Guide Report
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