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How Can We Help You?

Since our focus is to provide programming and technical services uniquely tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients, generalizing is hard, but some of the solutions we commonly provide are:

Distribution Software, Acclaim and Prophet 21 Systems Specialists
Acclaim Cloud Backup

Optimum Systems can store and provide automatic daily cloud backups of your entire Acclaim System.  By default, we keep three days worth of data from your system, but that cap optionally be expanded to encompass as many days as you desire.  We also offer a Disaster Preparedness Solution. 

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Distribution Software, Acclaim and Prophet 21 Systems Specialists
Forms Modification

Whether it’s a simple change of address, logo, or a complex form driving what necessary information appears on your company’s forms, Optimum Systems is poised to handle any forms-related change that may arise.

Distribution Software, Acclaim and Prophet 21 Systems Specialists
On-Demand & Automated Reporting

Most companies have ways of getting the basic information they need to run their businesses, but when it comes to complex data needed to communicate automatically with suppliers, customers, or sales representatives, they sometimes struggle a bit. There is virtually no data that we cannot extract from our clients’ systems and format it based on their needs.

Distribution Software, Acclaim and Prophet 21 Systems Specialists
GPO Uploading

We’ve been handling unique GPO reporting and uploading for our clients for many years.  Instead of exhausting your internal resources, we can affordably and consistently manage this highly specialized area of your business.

Project Management

Optimum Systems has successfully managed many types of projects for our clients over the years. Successful project management usually involves coordinating tasks involving people both outside and inside the organization. We make sure that all the people involved are coordinated and communication is effective.

Consulting & Training

We’ve helped our clients obtain measurable results, improve execution, and help better meet the needs of their customers.  We work directly with them to leverage their technology while applying business process redesigns. Our definition of success is aligned with that of our clients, and as part of our commitment we often tie our own fees to our clients' results.

Additional Services

•Data Extraction & Import

•Data Housekeeping & Organization

•Data Transformation & Transmission

•System Administration

•Rebate Management

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