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Optimum System’s sales team management suite provides in the field sales representatives with up-to-date sales and gross profit information.  This allows them to see trends as they develop so they can react before they get out of control. With Sales Team Portal, your sales team can check where they are in sales and gross profit for any time period, view customer information, and also generate proposals to email directly to their customers anywhere, anytime.

Sales Team Portal provides Sales Managers and
Executives with a company-wide view of their performance for the current year and up to 5 years in the past.

Built-in Views Include:
Sales by Salesperson                Sales by Branch
Sales by Customer                    Sales by Vendor
Sales by Product Group            Sales by Industry
Sales by Item                            Sales by Taker

Users can drill all the way down to the individual customer level, viewing Accounts Receivable information such as Agings and copies of Past-Due invoices.

Graphs show trends in sales and gross profit.  Pie Charts show breakdowns by product category.  For each reporting category, Sales Team Portal provides One Day Summary Reports, MTD/YTD Sales Reports, as well as 12 Month Rolling Sales and Last Year Comparison reports.  These reports can be company-wide, for an individual salesperson’s territory, or individual customer.

Sales Team Portal incudes a built-in proposal or quote generator tool.  This assists a salesperson when developing a proposal by displaying the gross profit for an item based on the item’s input price, or alternatively to calculate the price based on a target gross profit.

Additionally, an online order entry module that exports to your back-end system, or sends emails, can be used by your sales team to place orders online for a customer while on-the-go.

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