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Our e-Invoicing module provides an automated way to produce and e-mail PDF invoices to your clients utilizing your current Acclaim system. No changes at all to your Acclaim system are required. Once set up, our e-Invoicing module functions completely automatically, sending and tracking invoices on whatever days that your customers want to receive them.

Once enabled, our e-Invoicing module tracks when your invoices were sent. Invoices are e-mailed to customers in a PDF format that is easily readable and printable by your customers. Invoices can be packaged as separate PDF files, zipped, or even multiple PDF’s can be combined into a single PDF file for easier printing. You will receive notification on any “bounced” email messages.

Do some of your customers have more than one customer code? No problem, our e-Invoicing module can handle as many customer codes as needed with ease.

The module can send invoices to a single email address, or to multiple addresses.

If you do any credit and re-billing, our system allows you to block the problem invoices and credits, so that those do not go to the customer.

The module includes a management console where someone on your staff can manage which customers are designated to receive invoices. The console also allows you to manage the days and times that invoices are sent to each customer, as well as manage which invoices and credits are to be blocked.

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