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innerLINK is an interface designed by Optimum Systems that provides real-time intetegration of your front-end website to your back-end, Prophet 21 system.  This means that any changes, from product price to customer address, will be immediately reflected on your website.

innerLINK can integrate with websites and applications written in many languages, and will only query your Prophet 21 database on demand and only for the necessary data, placing minimal strain on your system.  Access to your Prophet 21 system is also limited to only the capabilites of the API’s provided, so the security of your
information is always

Integrated Functions Include:

Pricing & Availablity Inquiry

This feature allows your front-end website to send a customer ID and a list of selected products to your back-end system and receive the current quantity available for each branch at that customer’s specific pricing.

Customer & Account Inquiry

This feature retrieves detailed customer information, including address, phone numbers, emails, and credit settings, as well as provides the customer’s open balance, aging and other account status information.

Open Order &
Order History Inquiry

This feature can retrieve a list of open orders or invoices for the customer, as well as past invoices by start and end date, customer PO number or product number.
Also, all shipments against an order can be retrieved.

Payment Inquiry

This feature allows you to retrieve the details of a payment, including a list of the invoices to which it was applied.  This is used to provide details for payments shown in Account History.

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